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Cable Tray

The cable bridge is divided into trough type cable bridge, tray type cable bridge, ladder type cable bridge, grid bridge and other structures, by the support, arm and installation accessories.

Can be independently set up, laying in a variety of building, and support, the pipe rack is of simple structure, beautiful appearance, flexible configuration, and maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, all parts are to be galvanized processing, installation outside the building open bridge, if it is in near the sea or belong to the corrosion area, it must have the anti-corrosion material, moisture resistance, good adhesion, impact resistance properties of high strength characteristics.


Tray Cable Tray

Tray cable bridge is the most widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, light industry, television, telecommunications and other aspects.

It has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful shape, simple structure and easy installation, etc. It is suitable for power cable installation and control cable laying.

The surface treatment of tray type cable bridge can be divided into three types according to the needs of users: galvanizing, electrostatic spraying and hot-dip galvanizing.

Tray cable bridge can be prepared with a protective cover, when the need for a protective cover can be indicated in the order, all its accessories and ladder type, trough type bridge general.


Cascade Cable Bridge

Cascade cable bridge is based on the information at home and abroad and our plant similar products improved. It has the advantages of light weight, low cost, unique modeling, easy installation, heat dissipation, good air permeability and so on. It is suitable for laying large diameter cables, especially for laying high and low voltage power cables.

Ladder-type cable bridge is equipped with protective cover, which can be indicated when ordering, and all its accessories are common to pallet-type and fluted bridge.

The surface treatment of cascade type cable bridge can be divided into three types: electrostatic spraying, galvanizing and painting.


Trough Type Cable Bridge

Trough cable bridge is a kind of fully closed cable bridge, it is most suitable for laying computer cable, communication cable, thermocouple cable and other control cables of high sensitive system, etc., it has good effect on shielding interference of control cable and cable protection in heavy corrosion environment.

The protective cover of trough type cable tray is supplied with the tank body, other accessories and ladder type, tray type bridge are common.


Composite Cable Bridge

Composite cable tray is a new type of bridge tray, is the second generation of cable tray series products, it is suitable for various projects of each unit, a variety of cable laying, it has the advantages of simple structure, flexible configuration, convenient installation, novel type.

As long as the combined cable bridge with a width of 100, 150, 200mm three basic types can be assembled into the size of your cable bridge, it does not need to produce curved, tee and other parts can be arbitrarily according to the site installation needs to turn, wide, branch, lead up, lead down.

In any part, do not need to punch, welding can be used after the tube lead out, it can be convenient engineering design, convenient production and transportation, more convenient installation and construction, is the cable bridge in the most ideal product.


Long-span Cable Bridge

Large span cable tray is a kind of more general cable tray support span is large, and because the structure design is exquisite, so again than normal cable tray has the characteristics of large bearing capacity of the bridge, so it is not only applicable to the oil refining industry, chemical industry, textile, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, TV, radio and other industrial and mining enterprises and the indoor and outdoor cable, overhead of also can be used as underground works, such as: the subway, civil air defense engineering in cable trench and cable tunnel support.

Long span cable bridge includes long span ladder, tray, trough, heavy load ladder, right Angle tee, multi - section tee, right Angle tee, and corresponding types of connectors, cover and support.

Large-span cable bridge is provided with cover plate. Please specify when ordering if cover plate is needed, or order according to cover plate model.

The surface treatment of long-span cable bridge can be divided into plastic spraying, galvanizing, or baking.

In the corrosive environment, can choose after plastic spraying treatment of the bridge, in the general atmosphere anticorrosive environment can choose galvanized treatment of the bridge.

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