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What Kinds of Defects May be Present in Cold Roll Forming Steel Plates?

If the steel plate adopts the cold roll forming process, the requirements are very strict. If there's a problem with any of the details, the product will show obvious defects. In order to make people better know about the cold-formed forming technology, it is necessary to learn this aspect, so as to avoid similar problems.

The most obvious defects are generally manifested in the surface quality of the steel plate, such as cracks, edge waves, longitudinal bending, corner wrinkles, and distortion, which are very common. The reason for the formation of each type of defect is different. In the case of cold bending cracks, it is mainly caused by the characteristics of the material. While the edge waves are the result of being subjected to two forces at the same time. Longitudinal bending often occurs in the cold roll forming of thick plates mainly due to insufficient tension of the plates.

In addition to these surface quality problems, the material has dimension deviation, especially edge dimension deviation. There is also a more serious case of springback, which is due to factors such as improper pressure adjustment or uneven distribution of deformation during the internal molding process, which will cause thermal stress cracking.

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