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A-Grade Floor Deck Machine

Floor Deck Machine
Floor Deck Machine
Floor Deck Machine
A-Grade Floor Decking Machine
A-Grade Floor Decking Machine
A-Grade Floor Decking Machine
A-Grade Floor Decking Machine
A-Grade Floor Decking Machine
A-Grade Floor Decking Machine
A-Grade Floor Decking Machine

Features and Advantages of A-Grade Floor Decking Machine

1.Fully automatic continuous decking forming machine. 

2. Cassette type platform quick-change Machine base for multi-profile purposes is available for choice.

3.Production speed: 20/30/40/50/60 m/min optional. 

Working with a non-stop flying cut and full automatically stacking system, Max speed of the line can reach 60 m/min.

4. Certified with Multi-Patents; CE Certified, EUROPEAN quality standard

5. Most of the hot & popular profiles models, we have high quality deck floor roll forming machines in stock for prompt delivery.

Popular Decking Profile Drawings

Popular decking Profile drawings

Finished Panels


Finished PanelsFinished Panels

Finished PanelsFinished Panels

Working Flow of A-Grade Floor Decking Machine

  • Coil Charging Car (optional)

  • Decoiler

  • Front Shear(optional) 

  • Feeding and Guiding Table

  • Lubricating unit (optional) 

  • Roll Forming System

  • Post-Cutting to length (Hydraulic/Motor)

  • Output Manual Supporter/Auto Stacker(optional)


A-Grade Floor Decking Machine Application

For production of heavy duty capacity decking with various profile and patterns. Suits for various Light Steel structure construction, civil-construction and mansions building.

Suitable coil sheet Material

Suitable material: Colored/ Stainless/Galvanized Steel, Aluminum sheet

Thickness: 0.75-1.25(mm)

Yield Strength: 230-300/350 (MPa) (optional)

Width: 1000/1200/1220/1250/1500(mm)

Production line Components and Parameters

1.Decoiler8t/10t/15t Motor/hydraulic motor/passive (optional)
2.Filming covering deviceno need
3.Front shearoptional
4.Lubricating deviceoptional
5.Roll forming system20/30/40/50/60 m/min (optional)
6.Safety coveroptional
7.Post cuttingMotor/hydraulic (optional)
8.Output SystemManual supporter/ Automatic Stacker (optional)
Stackmaster(Output direction) Lateral/Longitudinal (optional)
9.Hydraulic systemPower supply for decoiler /post-cutting system
10.Electric control systemMITSUBISH/ SIEMENSE/AMS (optional or as requested )

Related information

Machine ConditionFully New, A Grade quality
Panel ShapeAs profile drawing and customer’s requirements
Operator needed1-2 persons
Power Supply220V/380V/415V/460V, 50/60Hz, 3P (as requests)
Equipment WeightAbout25t
Dimension(L*W*H) about 40*3*2m
LOADING SIZENormally need 2x 40' container.
Equipment ColorNormally Blue/White, or as requests;
Place of OriginZhejiang, China (Mainland)
PackingStandard and careful export packing

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