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Precautions and Solutions to the Failures of the Rolling Shutter Making Machine

The rolling shutter-making machine is a common greenhouse rolling machine in the market. It is often used in agricultural machine washing equipment and greenhouse. The remote control device combining electric and manual operation is commonly applied in the machine. It can avoid harm and is convenient. The use of the rolling shutter making machine greatly drives the development of agriculture, improves the efficiency of agricultural products, greatly reduces the labor burden of farmers, and better promotes the development and progress of modern technology in the field of agriculture. 

There are some precautions about the use of the rolling door machine and some solutions to the possible failures of the machine. Here is an analysis mainly about the precautions and common failure phenomena, to tell you how to deal with them and what is the cause of these failures.

Precautions about the use of the rolling shutter making machine:

1. To inject anti-freeze gear oil, replace and maintain the gear once a year.

2. During installation or use, the body of the rolling shutter door roll forming machine and every connection should be checked frequently.

3. After each shutdown, the main power supply outside the shed should be cut off in time.

4. Another disconnecting link must be connected near the control switch.

5. The operators must be trained.

6. If there is a deviation, make adjustments.

Solutions to the possible failures of the rolling shutter making machine: 

1. After being electrified, the motor is inoperative and accompanied by a buzzing sound.

Reason: The fault is caused by power failure, lack of phase or low voltage.

Solution: Check the power supply line and joint switch. It should be noticed that only the staff who is experienced in power operation can carry out the measure. If there is no professional worker, it is better to ask the local electrician to help check it out, so as to avoid the unsafe incidents caused by the worker who is unfamiliar with the machine.

2. The motor is rotating normally while the rolling shutter making machine does not work.

Reason: It is generally caused by the loose triangle belt.

Solution: Adjust the triangle belt.

3. Intermittent noise is made during operation.

Reason: The fault is generally caused by insufficient lubrication of the brake system.

Solution: Put the straw curtain to the end, and inject clean machine oil into the brake pad.

4. The curtain is not straight.

Reason: The fault is generally due to uneven placement of the curtain.

Solution: Put some soft materials in the part where is rolled slowly.

5. The brake system is in continuous high temperature.

Reason: The occurrence of high temperature may be explained by that the brake system friction is too large, indicating that the brake system is insufficient in lubrication at normal time. 

Solution: Timely oil injection is needed.

6. Brake failure

Reason: In most cases, the phenomenon is caused by the brake device failure of the rolling shutter making machine. 

Solution: It needs to check the brake block.

The above has mentioned the most common failures of the machine, and users should be calm to deal with them. And apart from these failures, if other uncommon faults are found in the process of running the machine, users should immediately stop the working process, and then contact dealers or installers to seek for help. In addition to dealing with the problem, the usual repair and maintenance are also very important. As a prfessional roll former manufacturer, Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd. can also provide you technical and operational guidance. 

According to the precautions, users should conduct maintenance of the machine, check the machine parts, find out problems and eliminate them in time, which can better guarantee the service life of the rolling shutter making machine. 

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