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High Frequency ERW Pipe Mill Line

High-Frequency ERW Pipe Mill Line is mainly used for making ERW welded steel pipes. ERW is short for Electric Resistance Welding. At present, ERW pipe occupies a decisive position in the field of conveying pipe in the world. A high frequency welding tube mill line is a welded pipe production line for producing steel pipes of different sizes and shapes. The automatic ERW tube mill line typically consists of a set of forming rolls, high-frequency induction welders, and other components. The forming rolls are used to shape the steel into the desired shape and size. The ERW welding machine is used to weld the edges of the steel together to create a watertight seal. This line of ERW tube mill carbon steel is commonly used to produce pipes for oil, gas, and water transportation. Our high-frequency ERW pipe mill is featured with the advantages of high production efficiency, low cost, material saving, and easy automation. 

Components and Parameters
Working Process

Main Technical Parameters of ERW Pipe Mill For Sale (For reference only, will be as requests)

A: suitable strip coils

1. Suitable material: Carbon steel coil;

Alloy Steel Coil; API5L X42-X80

(For reference only, will be as requests)

2. Suitable strip width range: 13mm-2261mm

3. Wall Thickness: 0.2mm-22mm

B. Finished products

1.Pipe O. D. φ4mm-φ720mm

2.Thickness: 0.2mm-22mm

3.Square tube: 6mmx6mm-600mmx600mm, thickness: 0.3mm-22mm

Length: 6m-12m

Length tolerance:+/-3mm

C. Equipment data (for reference only)

Production speed: 20-120m/min

Direction: Left to right or right to left from operator's side(as requests by customer)

Capacity: 10,000 ton/year-180, 000 ton/year

Electricity input power: 50kW-1400kW

Foundation: 40m–400m (length) x 3.8m-40m (width)

Weight: About 30ton–300ton.

Operator: 6-8 people (as size requests)

Technical Parameters of ERW Pipe Mill for Sale

ModelRound pipeSquare pipeThicknessSpeed

Specifications of ERW Pipe Mill for Sale

Machine ConditionFully New, A Grade quality
SizeAs requests
Power Supply220V/380V/415V/460V/480V, 50/60Hz, 3P (as requests)
Equipment WeightAbout 30ton-300ton
Dimension40m–400m (length) x 3.8m-40m (width)
LOADING SIZENormally need 4-30 x 40' containers
Equipment Colornormally Blue/Green/White, or as requests
Place of OriginZhejiang, China (Mainland)
PackingStandard and careful export packing

Working Flow of High-Frequency ERW Pipe Mill Line

Layout Drawing of High Frequency ERW Pipe Mill Line

What is ERW Pipe?

Regarding its classification, ERW pipes can be roughly divided into 2 forms of ERW AC welding steel pipes and ERW DC welded steel pipes. And according to a different frequency, ERW seam-welded tubes can also be classified into low-frequency welding pipes, medium frequency welding pipes, and supercurrent welding pipes. Normally, high-frequency welding is mainly used in the production of thin-walled pipes or ordinary wall-thick ERW pipes, and high-frequency soldering is also divided into contact welding and induction welding. Currently, the ERW pipe is mainly used in tap water engineering, the petrochemical industry, the chemical industry, the electricity industry, agricultural irrigation, and urban construction. Concerning the significance of the ERW pipes in various industries, it is then of great importance to choose reliable ERW pipe manufacturing machines. And Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology can help you with that!

High Frequency Pipe Mill

Finished ERW Pipe Mills by ERW Tube Mill Line

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