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The Cold Roll Forming Machine and Its Daily Maintenance

What is the cold roll forming machine

The cold roll forming machine is widely used in the construction of tunnel, subway, hydro-power station, underground cavern and other industries. It is an ideal machine for the manufacturing of steel arch, which has quality of reasonable structure, convenient operation and strong bearing capacity. The cold roll forming machine has many advantages, such as small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, no noise, long life and multi-purpose. It replaces the original steel plate cutting, docking, calibrating, lathe processing and other complex technologies. The cold roll forming machine also saves oxygen, acetylene, labor, and raw materials, which is a kind of edge rolling cold bending machine of high quality and high efficiency for coiling rings and flanges. The external processing of the cold roll forming machine can bring huge profits for users.

Daily maintenance of the cold roll forming machine

It's imperative to do a full range of maintenance for the cold roll forming machines in daily life. Only good maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the cold bending machine. Therefore we need to know how to maintain it. The following is a brief introduction to the precautions of the machine maintenance:

1. Before using the machine, it is necessary to conduct the no-load trial first, and have a knowledge of the operation buttons and limiting technologies.

2. Check the lubrication condition of each part before using the cold-formed steel machine, and refuel in time when it's necessary.

3. Carefully study the operation instructions of the machine, and strictly follow the instructions.

4. Clean up the residue in time to avoid affecting the use of the machine.

5. When running the machine, pay attention not to place anything on and around the table to prevent accidents.

6. Abnormal conditions found during the working process, the machine must be stopped, and it can only continue to run after solving the problem.

7. If you need to reverse the machine during the operation, you must stop the machine first, and then reverse the machine to continue work. 

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