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What Are the Advantages of Cold Roll Forming Machines?

Many people are familiar with the application and use of cold roll forming machines, but they do not know much about the advantages and characteristics of the machine. So today Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co.,Ltd will introduce the advantages of cold roll forming machine to let you have a clear understanding of it.

It is known that the cold roll forming machine is a relatively new type of processing equipment mainly used to support and protect the steel arch. The main components of the cold roll forming machine include four systems -- cold bending, hydraulic, auxiliary, and electrical control, a base, and a transmission mechanism. In fact, during the working process of the cold roll forming machine, the profile that needs to be cooled first enters from the auxiliary system and then is pushed to the middle position of the two active rollers by the door bracket. Then turn on the hydraulic system to let the hydraulic cylinder push baiting valve reaching the cold-formed rollers for cold-pressed section steel work. After all the required arcs are reached, the hydraulic system can be turned off and the transmission system can be turned on again, mainly for the rollers to drive by friction, driving slowly. As a result, the cold roll forming machine finishes the whole work.

What needs to remind here is that after all the cold bending work is over, all the transmission systems in all machinery need to be closed. Then turn on the hydraulic system. The purpose of this is to retract the hydraulic cylinder, and finally, the cold roll forming profiles are placed on the portal bracket. In fact, the processing technology of this kind of cold roll forming machine is popular among the rolling shutter machine manufacturer. It can bring a lot of convenience to the manufacturers. It has achieved certain advantages for the entire cold roll forming machine in the industry.

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