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About Decoilers and Their Features

1. About decoilers

The decoiler is a special equipment for sheet metal leveling. It is applied to the leveling line of steel plates and uneven plates, and can be used to form production lines for plate products such as uncoiling, leveling, and shearing production lines according to relevant configurations. The decoiler is suitable for machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structure, decoration and other industries.

The decoiler is one of the essential equipment in the welded pipe production line. On the one hand, its function is to support the steel coil by tightening the inner hole of the steel coil; Therefore, the performance of the decoiler is very important for the entire production line. In the design practice for many years, the structure of the decoiler has been continuously optimized and improved, and the performance of the decoiler has been improved.

The main shaft of the decoiler machine has two functions, namely, driving the coil to rotate and supporting the tension of the coil. Tightening is usually achieved by pushing the tilting slide with an oil cylinder or cylinder mounted on the main shaft. The small unit adopts multi-cylinder, and the large unit adopts multi-cylinder; the realization of rotation is usually realized by the motor driving the main shaft to rotate through the reducer.

The oil cylinder or air cylinder installed on the main shaft must rotate together with the main shaft, the oil cylinder or air cylinder needs to be connected to one end of the working medium pipe, and the other end of the pipe is connected to the working medium pipe. Hydraulic station or solenoid valve.

2. Functions of decoilers

One of the functions of the decoiler of this unit is to uncoil up the strip while maintaining the back tension of the strip. Another important function is the automatic centering of the strip under a central control (CPC). The traditional continuous winding and color coating line is equipped with 2 decoilers. The two decoilers work alternately, creating a prerequisite for the continuous production of the subsequent equipment of the unit.

The decoiler is a welded box-shaped structure, and the variable frequency speed regulation motor drives the drum shaft to provide the main power for the decoiler after decelerating through the gear box. The reel of the decoiler is a hollow shaft, which is supported on the gearbox body through two bearings, and a transmission spur gear is installed between the bearings. The gearbox is lubricated by forced lubrication and is equipped with two constant speed motors for closed loop oil lubrication system. The mandrel is cantilevered, and its front end is supported by external support bearings during unwinding to maintain the rigidity and stability of the decoiler.

The decoiler frame can move on the guide rail of the decoiler base and is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, which can realize the center position control. In order to enhance the stability of the reel, a support arm device is designed at the head of the reel. When there is a steel coil on the reel, the support arm is driven by the cylinder to support the head of the reel, and the support arm usually retracts without affecting the rewinding of the steel coil.

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