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Metal Cutting Machines

We provide two types of profile sheet cutting machines, which include plasma and laser types. The main difference between plasma cutting machine and laser cutting machine lies in three points: cutting thickness, cutting quality, and price.

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Cutting Thickness of Metal Cutting Machine for Sale

Plasma cutting machine is a kind of thermal cutting equipment, which is more suitable for thick plates with 6mm or more and low precision. In theory, the maximum thickness of the plasma laser cutting machine can reach hundreds of millimeters, but the better cutting range is about 80mm. The laser cutting machine can cut very thin boards according to their power and performance, and thick boards can also reach about 30mm.


Cutting Quality of Metal Cutting Machine for Sale

The cutting principle of the plasma cutting machine is to use the heat of the high-temperature plasma arc to melt the metal at the cut part of the workpiece. Therefore, the disadvantages of using plasma cutting are greater than that, the cutting gap is large, the cutting end surface is rough and not smooth, and the cutting accuracy is low. The laser cutting machine is the product of a combination of CNC machine tools and laser technology. It has high energy and high polymerization. It can cut without contact with the surface of the workpiece. The cutting gap is very small, the precision is very high, the heat-affected zone is small, and the cutting end surface is smooth.


Cost of Metal Cutting Machine for Sale

The cost of a plasma cutting machine is lower than that of a laser cutting machine. The laser cutting machine is composed of many precision parts. The cost of the mechanical parts is very high. The light source is mainly imported. The servo motor is also mainly imported. The technical content is much higher than that of the plasma cutting machine. Therefore, the cost of laser cutting machines is much higher than that of plasma cutting machines. Therefore, plasma laser cutting machines are generally used in the construction, installation, and maintenance of mechanical and metal structures. Laser cutting machines are mostly used in industrial fields that require very fine sheet metal processing, aerospace, military production, petroleum equipment, engineering machinery, automobile production, electrical equipment, and so on. With the acceleration of industrialization, the requirements for sheet metal workpiece accuracy in various fields are becoming higher and higher, and the advantages of laser cutting machines will become more and more prominent.

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