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RF Series Decoilers Obtained CE Certification

Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd’s four models of decoilers through the CE certification, and obtained CE MD Certificates and CE EMC Certificates. The EC type examination, the technical examination and the machinery inspection is conducted by SGS, which is an internationally recognized inspection, certification, testing and certification body. The four models decoilers: RFT-5TCP/RFT-8TCP/RFT-10TCP/RFT-15TCP is perfect in compliance with the health and safety requirement according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Annex I and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU.

RF Series Decoilers

RF Series Decoilers Introduction

The decoiler is feeding work in the production line for roll forming machine. The decoiler adopts cantilever type structure. 

It Includes machine frame, cantilever type extension, decoiler driving system (by motor), Hydraulic system, and electric control system Etc., with the function of install and unwind the coil.

With arm-type decoiler, the machine is composed by main frame, arm-type hydraulic expanding axis, motor releasing of transmission system, coil car, hydraulic system, PLC control system, which are used to realize the function of coil loading and unloading. 

Series Decoilers Differences

1Capacity         5000Kgs8000Kgs10000Kgs15000Kgs
2ID of the coilφ508mmφ508mmφ508mmφ508mmextension cope: Φ465-Φ515
3Width of the coil1000-15501000-15501000-15501000-1550
4Max. O.D. of the coilφ1350mmφ1350mmφ1350mmφ1350mm
5Speed of decoiling:45m/min45m/min45m/min45m/minmandrel running speed: 23r/min
6Power of the motor5.5KW5.5KW7.5KW7.5KW
7Hydraulic power  3KW3KW3KW3KW
8The hydraulic PressureMax20MpaMax20MpaMax20MpaMax20Mpa
9Power Source requirement                    3 phase AC400V/50Hz3 phase AC400V/50Hz3 phase AC400V/50Hz3 phase AC400V/50Hz380V to 460V can be customized
10Maximum working current22A22A27A27A
11Short-circuit current6KA6KA6KA6KA
12Pressing armOptional/Pneumatic/HydraulicOptional/Pneumatic/HydraulicOptional/Pneumatic/HydraulicOptional/Pneumatic/Hydraulic
13Manual supportingWithout this configurationWithout this configurationStandard configurationStandard configuration
14Overall dimensions4100*1100*2150mm4100*1150*2150mm4200*1800*2000mm4200*2100*2100mm
16Working directionOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalRight to Left/Left to Right
17Hydraulic coil cartOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

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