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How to Overhaul the Equipment of the Cold Roll Forming Machine?

Cold roll forming machine equipment inspection is a planned preventive inspection. In addition to human senses, the inspection methods also require related inspection tools and instruments. The equipment inspection should be carried out according to the inspection plan. The content of the equipment inspection of the cold roll forming machine includes the measurement and verification of the equipment's operating condition, working accuracy, functional characteristics, wear or corrosion degree. Through inspection, the technical status and wear condition of the cold roll forming machine are comprehensively mastered, and the hidden dangers are identified and eliminated. The preparation work before the repair is purposefully done to improve the repair quality and shorten the repair time. Equipment inspection is divided into daily inspection and regular inspection.

Equipment repair of cold roll forming equipment refers to that the equipment damage and precision deterioration caused by daily or abnormal reasons can be restored by repairing and replacing worn, aged and corroded parts. The maintenance and repair of cold roll forming machine equipment are different aspects of equipment maintenance. Due to the difference in work content and functions, the two cannot be replaced with each other but should be done separately to cooperate with and complement each other. Commonly used cold roll forming machine equipment repair methods are mandatory repair method; regular repair method and after-inspection repair method.

The examination of the cold-formed steel machine before work is very important. When the cold roll forming machine is put into work, a comprehensive examination of its body should be done first. Only when the perfect preparation is done can the machine work without problems.

The first thing to do is to inspect the various instruments of the cold roll forming machine. The instrument is a manifestation of various work data, so it is very important for the entire production to keep the instrument of the cold roll forming machine in a normal condition. If it is necessary to adjust the various data, then it needs to be carried out before the start of construction, so as to make the products produced without problems. The preparation of the cold roll forming machine also includes checking whether the cold roll forming machine is operating normally and whether there are some strange sounds during operation. When these tests are done, normal work can begin. Only by doing this can it be guaranteed that there will be no failures on the cold roll forming machine during operation.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the maintenance of the cold roll forming machine before work. Serious maintenance is the guarantee for the cold roll-forming machine to work normally.

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