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Notes in the Process of Using Cold Roll Forming Equipment

In the process of using the cold roll forming equipment, the safety factor of the reducer with hardened tooth surface must be ensured, and the operation of the cold roll forming equipment must be strictly followed to improve the efficiency of the reducer with hardened tooth surface. The gearbox should be cleaned regularly. The gearbox cleaning machine can use the original oil drainage system and filtered old oil, through which we can clean the gearbox, filter waste oil quickly and add new oil. The whole process does not change hardware facilities and does not add cleaning agent to ensure the safe operation of the gearbox and prolong its service life.

The cold-formed steel machine plays an important role in the whole transmission system. It also has the advantages of small volume, long service life, high precision and no oil leakage. The gear is carburized and quenched by high strength low carbon-alloy steel. The gear has high hardness, and CNC grinding technology is used in the process. It has the characteristics of high precision, good contact, high transmission efficiency, stable operation and low noise. It also has a strong resistance to corrosion and abrasion, and its core is flexible, which makes the root strength and service life better than the surface of medium hardness teeth.

The distance between correction wheels of the equipment should be adjusted according to the width and thickness of the correction material, so as to obtain good correction effect. The working principle of the cold roll forming equipment is to place the door bracket in the auxiliary system at the center of the two active rollers. Then, according to the hydraulic system, the hydraulic cylinder pushes the dovetail groove, cold roll formed roll and cold rolled steel. In this process, when the required arc is reached, the hydraulic system can be closed. At this time, the mechanical system starts, the active roll rotates, and the friction force will drive the steel to move forward slowly, so as to realize continuous and effective cold roll forming.

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