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Downspout Elbow Machine

The series of elbow forming machines are mainly used to bend A and B style elbow downspouts. Aiming to meet the needs of different occasions, this series can produce both A and B style downspout elbows ranging from the thickness of 0.4mm to 0.6mm. 

We are a leading manufacturer and provider of round pipe roll forming machine and square downspout machine, offering customers the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions available. Our gutter elbow machine for sale is specifically designed to create downspouts of various sizes and shapes, with superior performance and accuracy. Our machines are easy to use and require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice for any manufacturing process. We have a wide range of downspout machine for sale with different specifications and features to meet your exact requirements. Our downspout elbow machine for sale can produce custom downspouts with adjustable widths, heights, and angles, enabling you to tailor the design of your downspout to perfectly fit any building or structure. Buy downspout elbow machine from Hangzhou Roll Forming. We are your reliable downspout elbow machine supplier. Feel free to contact Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology for more info.

Downspout Elbow Forming Machine Parameters

Curving Speed       about 24 times /min
Min Curving Angle    about 90º
Power              2.2kw
Suitable Raw material  Color Coated Steel
Thickness           0.4-0.6(mm)
Yield Strength        230-300 (MPa)
Dimension           1200mm×800mm×1500mm (L*W*H)
Equipment Weight  0.7t

A Elbow vs B Elbow

What is the difference between "A" style downspout elbow and "B" style downspout elbow? When standing in front of your downspout elbow, looking at it: An "A" style downspout elbow comes out at you and the "B" style elbow makes a turn to the right or the left. While A-style gutter elbows direct water back or forward from the gutter, the B-style elbow will direct water left or right in accordance with its design. 

Downspout Curving Machine Application

Downspout machine is a type of metal forming machinery that is used to create drainpipes for rainwater runoff. These downspout machines are typically used in commercial and residential construction to create gutters and downspouts that direct water away from the foundation of a building. The roll forming process typically involves feeding metal sheet or coil into the machine, which is then bent and cut into the desired shape. The resulting pieces are then connected together to form the complete downspout.

Rectangular Downspout Roll Forming Machine ApplicationApplication

Curved Pipe Samples by Downspout Elbow Forming Machine

Curved pipe samplesCurved pipe samples

Curved pipe samplesCurved pipe samples

Specifications of Downspout Elbow Forming Machine

Machine ConditionFully New, A-Grade quality
Panel ShapeAs profile drawing and customer’s requirements
Operatorneeded 1 person
Power Supply220V/380V/415V/460V, 50/60Hz, 3P (as requests)
Equipment ColorNormally Blue/White, or as requests;
Place of OriginZhejiang, China (Mainland)
PackingStandard and careful export packing

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