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How to Choose the Precautions of Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold roll forming machine has become indispensable for the construction of tunnels, subways, hydroelectric plants, underground caverns and chutes. When we buy cold roll forming machines, they all look great on the appearance. But we can't tell the quality of a cold roll forming machine by simply looking at its appearance. It is very frustrating for us to think about all the possible factors we should consider while choosing the right equipment.

Cold roll forming equipment can be categorized based on the type of work:

1. Mechanical manual type cold roll forming machines

2. Fully hydraulic automatic type cold roll forming machine

3. Intelligent CNC type cold roll forming machine

Five factors and considerations for choosing cold roll forming machine:

1. The diameter of the three upper rollers: they are thin. Because of the small contact surface, they slide easily; when rolling non-standard steel, they are easily deformed.

2. The diameter and stroke of the cylinder: the diameter and stroke determine the amount of pressure and the adjustable radius of rolling.

3. The thickness of the steel plate and the quality of the skeleton: they determine whether there is deformation when rolling large steel bars.

4. Motor power and quality of the gearbox.

5. The manufacturer's production scale and services.

If you browse the website of a cold roll forming machine manufacturer, you cannot judge the professional level of the manufacturer from the content of the website; you must consult with the manufacturer and communicate with them about whether the manufacturer has a business license and a formal contract and whether it can issue an official invoice etc. There are many dummy companies in every industry that collect invoices from other households. If the cold roll forming machine manufacturer is a general taxpayer, the credibility is relatively high; if possible, please try to go to the factory to check the quality and professionalism of the products and accessories.

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