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Application of Cold Roll Forming Equipment

Cold roll forming (cold roll forming, roll forming) is the continuous transverse bending of metal strips such as coils and strips through multiple forming rolls arranged in sequence to produce profiles with specific cross-sections. Cold roll forming is a kind of material saving, energy saving and applicable sheet metal forming technology.

Nowadays, cold roll forming steel, which is more popular in the industry, is undoubtedly quite popular in the industry because it is widely used. Since roll forming steel has such a wide range of applications, it is necessary for us to understand the application of cold formed steel machine.

Highway and railway are common application fields. Although different types and styles of cold roll forming equipment will have different price fluctuations, it does not affect its wide use in major industries and fields. Especially in the fields of highway and railway, we can see that different cold roll forming machine manufacturers have relatively different designs and understandings of the cold roll forming process. With the continuous manufacturing experience of Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd, more efficient cold bending equipment products have been developed and innovated.

It is worth noting that there are certain differences in the application fields of the roll forming equipment products produced by different cold roll forming machine manufacturers. For example, some cold roll forming machine manufacturers produce products that are widely used in the field of mineral transportation pipelines, such as mines.

In addition to the above application fields, the cold roll forming equipment made by Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co.,Ltd, is also used in construction, agricultural machinery, bridge, petrochemical, light industry, electronics and other industries.

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