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Attention Please: Be Careful of Equipment in a Unreasonable Low Price

When selling the roll forming equipment, some new customers often say that the equipment purchased somewhere else has a very poor quality and after-sales service is not available, which seriously affects the operation of the project. Some customers even say that the equipment can not be used and is directly scrapped. After a detailed investigation, it turned out that it was the customers who chose to go to some small factories and were attracted by their low prices, which led to such unpleasant results. So here, we suggest you to pay high attention to the first step - choosing a factory when purchasing a roll forming machine. Too small factories are not recommended and be curious about the low-cost equipment. Now, let's analyze the reasons.

1. Small factories have small scale and few workers, so the after-sales service can not be guaranteed.

For such small factories, the most significant matter is the number of installation workers and debugging masters. If this kind of personnel is insufficient, they do not have the personnel in place to handle the problem in time when there is something wrong with your equipment, and even some equipment break down. It's common for debugging personnel to stay in a place for half a month or even a whole month. In this case, they do not care about your after-sales service, and it is useless to urge them, for they do not have enough staff.

2. Small-scale plants have small scale, and their design is poor, so their equipments are more likely to go out of order.

Generally, small factories do not have their own designers, and they usually employ designers externally. In such situations, everything will be ok if their external designers are professionally competent and responsible, while if they invite irresponsible designers with poor professional skills, they won't cooperate with you or work in a perfunctory manner when you encounter problems and need to be modified. After all, the roll forming machine usually needs to make changes in production. Therefore, when selecting factories, don't choose too small factories, and be careful to encounter bad factories.

3. You get what you pay for.

A roll forming equipment needs normal production cost and reasonable profit margin, and cost of after-sales service should be considered. If the price of the equipment is too low, the factory will cheat on workmanship and materals, which directly leads to the unqualified equipment. Or they do not take the cost of after-sales service into consideration. In this case, purchasers may encounter endless troubles.It will directly slow the project down and even lead to the failure of the project.

That's why we would like to remind customers to be more careful and seriously assess several aspects of the roll forming equipment when purchasing one, and do not covet the low price of an equipment, so as to avoid unnecessary loss.

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