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The Main Functions and Features of the Vertical Stacker

In the modern society, various industries are developing rapidly. Many manufacturers use various professional warehouses in the production process. However, the effective operation of these warehouses also requires the assistance of various equipment, such as vertical stackers. What are the main functions of this vertical stacker equipment? What are the characteristics of vertical stacker?

Ⅰ. What are the main functions of the vertical stacker?

In fact, the vertical plate stacker is a kind of storage and retrieval equipment in an automated three-dimensional warehouse. It is usually divided into a single-column vertical stacker and a double-column stacker structure. The overall use requirements are completed through mechanisms such as walking and lifting. The international advanced servo control system and absolute certification system for fully closed loop control, combined with high-precision address recognition such as barcode or laser ranging, can make the vertical stacker operate with high precision.

It is also a kind of lifting equipment that uses forks to access goods from high-rise shelves. The warehouse using this equipment can reach about 45 meters. The vertical stacker runs in the channel between the shelves and carries it. Or store goods loaded on pallets, also known as roadway vertical stackers.

Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of vertical stacker?

1. Structural characteristics of vertical stacker. In terms of structure of vertical plate stacker, it has different structures such as single column and double column, and the fork also has two types: European standard fork and Japanese standard plate fork. The former corresponds to the beam type shelf, and the latter corresponds to the corbel. Type racks and vertical stackers can greatly improve the usable area and space utilization of the warehouse, reduce manual operations, and improve the overall storage operation effect and degree of automation.

2. Features of vertical stacker. The vertical stacker can be divided into straight rail type, curved rail type, transition rail type and fork rail type according to the direction of the channel. The structure of the vertical stacker is very stable and reliable, and the final control is realized through the vector frequency conversion drive and the encoder position. The use of mechanical and electrical double safety devices to ensure safety, coupled with the whole process of information transmission tracking technology, effectively improve the overall equipment function. With the imported electrical components and touch screen mask operation, vertical plate stacker not only makes the operation easier, but also realizes the effect of manual, single-machine automatic and online automatic control.

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