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Understanding the Basic Knowledge of Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold bending forming process is when metal strips are sequentially passed through multiple sets of strip holes on the roller while the roller rotates, and the strips are continuously bent to obtain the desired cross-sectional shape. It can be seen that roller bending is a continuous bending method. Cold rolling forming is a plastic processing method in which the entire length of the strip is gradually locally bent and deformed through several different holes, and the full cross-sectional shape gradually approaches the finished cross-sectional shape. It obtains products with uniformly full-length cross-sections. Channel shapes are surrounded by the contours of two or more shaping rolls with a certain shape. Cold forming rolls can be horizontal or vertical.

Understanding of cold roll forming machine

Cold roll forming machine is a commonly used equipment for metal cold bending forming in industrial production, which can meet the requirements for specific shapes in industrial production. Once the cold roll forming machine was introduced, it has received good market development. There are now many varieties on the market, and it can easily cope with various types of cold-formed steel with complex cross-sectional shapes and wall thicknesses that are difficult to produce by hot-rolling methods and various different materials. The cold roll forming machine is a mechanical device for plastic processing of specific cross-section profiles by continuous transverse bending of metal plates, strips and other materials through a sequentially configured multi-pass forming roller.

Basic knowledge of cold roll forming machine

The rolling stability problem of the cold roll forming machine often encounters the problem of material deviation in the roller path. Asymmetrical single set of rollers, the left side receives force, the material is deflected to the right, and the material swings to the left. The method to solve this problem is:

The neutral layer calculation in the deformation zone is accurate, the material used in the deformation zone is calculated accurately, and the symmetry of the rolling mill is good. Non-deformation zones (such as the bottom of the slide rail) should not be pressed tightly. The gap between the upper and lower rollers should be kept consistent during assembly. Before the material bites, the guide angle should be set according to the previous pressing state. Before the stable pressure, the material should slide smoothly in the roller.

The bending and twisting problems that appear in the production of cold roll forming machine are mainly caused by imbalanced forces. The left and right forces are unbalanced.

Cold roll forming machine is a new type of equipment for processing and manufacturing steel arches for tunnel support. The cold bending machine is a machine that can be directly applied to the production line. It has similar functions, but different processing levels. The cold forming machine has the principle of equal force for each pass, which can prolong the service life of the rolling mill. In production, the design should be balanced in force, accurate in processing, and easy to install and adjust. The cold roll forming machine ensures the strength of the material, improves the quality of the supporting steel arch, greatly improves the work efficiency, and has simple and clear operation compared with the two. They have good working performance.

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