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Round Downspout and Rectangle Downspout

Downspouts, also known as Downpipe, Roof Leader, Downcomer.

Downspouts collect roof rainwater, which is part of the downspouts system and focuses on rainwater pipes laid below the ground.

Downspout Material

Galvanized iron pipe

Galvanized iron pipe is a kind of material that used most popular at present. Galvanized iron downspouts are generally manufactured using cold forming equipment.


A more traditional but more expensive pipe material, durable and more convenient to construct. In product of a lot of entrance bathroom, copper tube is the first choice. The price is the main reason that affects its use amount, besides copper corrosion is also a factor.

Stainless steel tube

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of durable pipe material. But its price is higher, and the construction technology requirements are higher, especially its material strength is hard, the site processing is very difficult. So, the probability that is chosen in decorating a project is lower.

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe

Aluminum-plastic compound pipe is a kind of pipe material that is more popular on market at present, because its qualitative light, durable and construction is convenient, its bendability suits to use in domestic outfit more. Its main shortcoming is when be used as hot water pipe to use, because long-term heat expands cold shrinkage to be able to cause conduit wall dislocation to cause leakage as a result.

Stainless steel composite pipe

Stainless steel composite pipe and aluminum plastic composite pipe in the structure is about the same, to a certain extent, the performance is also relatively similar. Also, due to the strength of the steel, the construction process is still a problem.

PVC tube

PVC(polyvinyl chloride) plastic pipe is a kind of modern synthetic material. But in recent years inside science and technology bound discovery, can make PVC becomes more soft chemical additive phthalein, to the person inside body kidney, liver influence is very big, can cause cancer, kidney damage, destroy human body function to rebuild a system, affect development. In general, its intensity is far from applicable to the pressure requirements of water pipes, so rarely used in the tap water. In most cases, PVC pipe is suitable for wire pipe and sewage pipe.

PP pipe

PP (Poly real Propylene) pipe is divided into a variety of, respectively, are:

1) Pp-b (block copolymer polypropylene) is also known as hot melt tube because of the use of dissolution technology in construction. Because its avirulent, qualitative light, bear pressure, bear corrosion, be being made the material of a kind of promotion, but what choose in decorating project at present still is less, generally speaking, this kind of material is qualitative not only suit to be used at cold water conduit, also suit to be used at hot water conduit, even pure drinking water conduit.→ related reading: how to distinguish the stand or fall of PPR conduit directly from appearance

2) PP-C(modified copolymer polypropylene) pipe, the performance is basically the same as above.

Pp-c (B) is basically similar to pp-r in physical properties, and its application range is basically the same. It can be substituted in engineering. The main difference is that pp-c (B) is superior to pp-r in low temperature brittleness. The high temperature resistance of PP-R is better than PP-C (B). In practical application, pp-c (B) tube is preferred when the temperature of liquid medium is ≤5℃.When the temperature of liquid medium is ≥65℃, pp-r tube is preferred. When the temperature of liquid medium is between 5℃ and 65℃, the performance of pp-c (B) is basically consistent with that of pp-r.

Downspout Installation

Downspouts are usually vertical and usually extend down to ground level. There is generally a bend of 70 degrees at the bottom. The water is directed away from the building's foundation, to protect the foundations from water damage. The water is usually piped to a sewer, or let into the ground through seepage.

The first ever downspout to be installed was in 1240 on the Tower of London, as it was whitewashed and the newly painted walls had to be protected from the rain. Decorative heads are sometimes added, these being low-height gargoyles.

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