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The Application Range of Cold Roll Forming Machines

Cold roll forming machines emerged from the industrial revolution and were originally designed to facilitate the production of objects and reduce the loss of labor. Today, with the continuous development of related technologies, cold roll forming machines continue this concept and are mainly used for the shearing of materials and parts used for material processing.

The cold roll forming machine is mainly used to cut some hard metals or materials with specific size requirements, and the cold roll forming machine does not use the twisting method to make the metal fracture, but through the friction cutting of the internal blades. The material cut by the constant friction can be very finely divided, and the cutting surface is smooth, so there will not be an uneven cutting surface. Cold roll forming machine China manufacturer Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd provides all kind of cold roll forming machines for different applications such as drip edge roll former, guardrail roll forming machine, sheet metal roll forming machines, etc.

At the same time, cold roll forming equipment is also suitable for large mold making, because many of the molds in the production are required to bend and fold the relevant metal materials. In this process, many machined products are very difficult to complete processing operation, mainly because the processing mode of many large machining tools is very rough, usually through the mechanical power to force the material deformation. This process is easy to lead to cracks or damage to the material. However, this is not the case when the roll forming production line is used, as these products can be compressed at low temperatures to complete the process without damaging the internal structure of the material.

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