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Large Horizontal Spiral Accumulator

Large horizontal spiral accumulator is the latest equipment indispensable to ensure the automatic production of high-frequency straight seam welded pipe. It plays a role in storing and feeding materials and ensuring the continuous work of the main rolling mill. The number of material storage loops in the accumulator is fixed. When feeding, decoiling, shearing, and butt welding stop feeding into the looper, the material in the looper leaning on the outer cage is tightened circle by a loop to the inner cage to ensure continuous discharge. After the butt welding of the steel strip is completed, the looper is charged at a speed of 2 to 3 times the speed of the welded pipe, which promotes the steel strip close to the inner cage to move outwards against the outer cage in a natural expansion trend under the action of runoff until all rely on the outer cage to reach full capacity. At this time, the filling speed is equal to the welded pipe speed, which is a synchronous stage, and the looper can ensure continuous feeding to the rolling mill according to this cycle. Its main features are: clever working principle, novel structure design, advanced technology; can improve the quality of the welded pipe, improve the life of the mill and roll; safe and reliable, and easy to operate.

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