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Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of standard and non-standard cold roll forming line and tube mill/pipe mill/purlin mill line. line.  Welcome to consult us for roll forming machine price.

C/U/Z/M Purlin Roll Forming Machine

How C/U/Z/M Purlin Roll Forming Machine Work

Purlin Roll Forming Machine Characteristics

  • The purlin forming machine can produce a variety of specifications of purlin, and it can also be customized according to the customer's requests, to meet the needs of all customers.

  • The working speed of our purlin machine for sale is up to 25 m/min.

  • With the advanced modular design and manufacturing process, the universal rate of our purlin rolling machine parts is high and the machine itself only requires simple maintenance.

  • The production of thicker plates is available for our purlin roll forming machine.

  • As the frame of our products is completed at one time, the molding unit of our c/u/z/m purlin roll forming machines does not need repeated debugging.

  • Adopting automatic program control technology, our c/u/z/m purlin roll forming machines possess simple and convenient parameter settings and they also have high automation degree. With strong self-learning ability, the control system of the purlin roll former has stable efficiency and can perform good man-machine interaction.

  • Through electrical control, different specification choices over our purlin roll forming machine are available. You can choose over the functions of automatic feeding, automatic punching, fixed-length cutting, automatic stacking, packaging, and other functions with great accuracy. And all of the foregoing functions can be configured without manual operation, which greatly reduces labor cost and improves production efficiency.

  • Moreover, our series of c/m/z/u purlin roll forming machines also have strong bending compression performance and they can easily realize close lap. Compared with other production process technology, our purling roll forming process will emit no heat, carbon, and other harmful gases. It can be widely used in factories, warehouses, engine garages, hangar, exhibition halls, theaters, stadiums, bazaar, mounted and other building roofing load-bearing load and metope.

As one of the professional purlin machine manufacturers in China, HZ Rollforming welcomes both national and international customers to contact us for more information abou steel roll forming machine price.

C/U/Z/M Purlin Roll Forming Machine FAQs

  • Q
    Do you have fully automatic purlin roll forming machine?

    We design and manufacture both semi-auto purlin machines and fully automatic purlin machines. The degree of automation is manufactured according to customer requirements.

  • Q
    What if my budget for purlin roll former is low?

    Price of fully automatic roll forming machines is high. We also provide single C/Z/M/U roll forming machines. Price of a single C/Z/M/U roll forming machines is low. Customers can choose a single C/Z/M/U roll forming machine if budget is low.

  • Q
    Does your purlin machine have a punching function?

    We provide customized rolling production lines. The punching function is optional.

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