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Be Aware of the Risks of Buying Used Rolling Machines

In order to reduce the investment cost, some customers choose to purchase a second-hand roll forming machine. In fact, customers who know little about this industry might not be able to notice that the price of purchasing a second-hand equipment will be much higher than that of a new one. Besides, it will bring more trouble to the customers than a new one. And the production will be affected, indirectly increasing the cost. Furthermore, what is even more terrible is the risk of being scrapped. Why it won't cost you less to buy a second-hand roll forming machine, and there may be risks? Now, let's explain it in detail.

1. The risk of unreasonable design.

For a roll forming machine, it is very troublesome to change the design scheme due to unreasonable design. Small modification is easy, while large modification may require scrapping some parts of the machine and remanufacture them. Therefore, if the equipment is transferred due to unreasonable design, it is basically a scrapped equipment, equivalent to buying a scrap heap.

2. It is difficult to ask the manufacturer's after-sales service for a second-hand equipment.

Handling many faults of a roll forming machine may need to cooperate with the manufacturer. However, if you don't have relevant experience in this industry or don't know professionals on the roll forming machine, you need to think carefully before purchasing it.

3. Don't buy seriously worn equipment.

If the roller has been seriously worn and needs to be replaced, it will encounter the same trouble as the first one mentioned above. If you can't solve it yourself, it is equivalent to buying a set of scrapped equipment.

4. Problems about circuit system are also difficult to repair.

If there is a problem about the equipment controlled by PLC, it needs professional personnel to debug now. If the PLC is damaged, you need to rewrite the program, which can only be handled by relevant excellent professionals.

5. Product precision.

If the deviation is only due to debugging or the long time of the equipment since it was produced, it is easy to solve, just reset the height. However, if it is because of abrasion or unreasonable design, the problem will be as troublesome as the first one mentioned above.

What is mentioned above is the main problems. There are also some trivial problems in production. You need to be professional enough or you are certain that you can find professional personnel to deal with them. Otherwise, don't buy a second-hand roll forming machine.

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