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Coil Upender

Steel Coil Upender
Steel Coil Upender
Steel Coil Upender
Coil Upender Manufacturer
Coil Upender Manufacturers
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Steel Coil Upender
Coil Upender
Coil Upender
Coil Upender
Coil Upender
Coil Upender

The coil upender is used for 90-degree rollover of steel coil. The steel coil upender consists of a base, turntable, roller shaft group system, transmission shaft group, transmission system, and electric control system.

Hangzhou Roll Forming Co., Ltd. is a coil upender manufacturer supplying ready coil upender for sale. Our upender machines has a large loading capacity. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Technical Parameters of Steel Coil Upender

Maximum loading Capacity8T
Maximum outer diameterφ1200mm
Applicable coil widthMax 1500mm
Turn-over degree90 degrees
Flipping timeAbout 36S
Motor power2.2 kW (subject to final design)
Power220-460 V, 50/60 Hz
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Main Structural Forms and Characteristics of Steel Coil Upender

  • The base is welded by steel profiles and plates with shot blasting process; which makes the whole machine with beautiful appearance, stable structure, and good impact resistance.

  • The turntable mainly adopts high-quality medium carbon steel plate, which is processed by roll bending, welding and shot blasting. The upender machine has characters of high strength and stable structure.

  • Rotation of turntable is driven by deceleration motor with brake device and chain transmission pair, so as to realize positive and negative rotation, start smoothly and achieve the purpose of turning over.

  • Setting a plane and a plane plus V plane on the turning table can meet the requirements of different states of the coil.

Operational Instructions of Coil Upender Machine

  • Switch power supply.

  • Turn on the power switch and emergency stop button.

  • Put the coil to be rolling over on the upender.

  • Using the operation button (positive/negative) key, the steel coil upender starts to work and the turntable is in operation.

  • The button is loosened, the flip machine stops, the flip machine stops automatically when it turns to 90 degrees, and the work is finished.

  • Remove the product after the reversal and operate in a circular way.

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Coil Upender
Coil Upender