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Pay Attention to Whether the Manufacturer Can Deliver on Time When Purchasing a Rolling Forming Machine

When ordering a roll forming machine, it is reaally common that the goods can not be delivered within the time agreed upon in the contract in this industry. And late delivery is a great loss for purchasers.It is normal to delay the delivery for several days or more, but some manufacturers may extend the delivery for one year or even longer, which is closely related to the strength of manufacturers and their capacity of production and management.

Therefore, when you are ready to purchase a roll forming machine, please choose it carefully, so as to avoid irreparable loss. Now, let's analyze what causes the manufacturing plant to delay delivery and what losses will be brought to the buyer. I hope it can serve as a reminder to everyone and a helper to avoid detours.

The reasons why the manufacturing factory can't deliver the goods on time:

1. The strength of the manufacturer is not strong enough and their fund is insufficient;

2. The manufacturer's lack of technical capability;

3. The manufacturers's lack of management ability;

4. The manufacturer's lack of equipment;

5. The manufacturer's shortage of workers;

6. There are too many orders in this manufacturing factory.

If the buyer fails to deliver the goods on time, the buyer will suffer losses:

1.If the buyer fails to deliver the goods to customers on time, it will lead to the loss of customers;

2.The damage of rent and staff wages;

3.Delay may lead to the failure of the project.

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