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The Manufacturing Process of Cold Roll Forming Steel

1. Advantages of cold roll forming steel

Cold roll forming steel mainly refers to finished steels that steel panels or strips are bent into various cross-section shapes in a cold state. The product is a kind of economical cross-section, light and thin-walled steel, also known as steel-made cold roll profiles or cold roll forming steel. Cold roll forming steel is the main material to make light steel structures. It has a variety of ultra-thin, reasonably-shaped but complex cross sections that cannot be produced by hot rolling. Compared with hot-rolled steel, in the case of the same cross-section area, the radius of gyration can be increased by 50-60%, and the moment of inertia of the cross-section can be increased by 0.5-3.0 times. So the material strength can be used more reasonably. Compared with the ordinary steel structures (made of traditional I-beam, channel steel, angle steel and steel plate), 30-50% of steel material can be saved.

2. Manufacturing process of cold roll forming steel

Cold roll forming steel is one of many steel varieties. Under the normal temperature condition, strip steel with a certain width passes through a set of longitudinally arranged rolling mills and gradually deforms to reach the shape and size that meets the requirements of use, and then is cut into the corresponding length after determining the size. 

Certainly, cold roll forming steel can also be obtained by deformation methods such as stamping, bending or drawing. However, the roll forming method is suitable for mass industrial production, and its product quality, processing cost, and production efficiency are unmatched by other methods. It is the main production technique of cold roll forming steel at present.

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