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General Composition of Continuous Roll Forming Equipment

1. Uncoiler

The uncoiler is generally a single head structure, which adopts cantilever structure. The four-bar cantilever expansion and contraction structure will tighten the inner hole of the steel coil, and then install it on the uncoiler to release and tighten automatically by electricity and hydraulic pressure (the accumulator keeps pressure to ensure that the coil will not loosen during the operation). In order to facilitate the operation and automatic control of the feeding speed, it is necessary to adopt frequency conversion control, adopt a pneumatic brake mechanism, and start and stop the photoelectric switch control.

The roll forming machine base of roll forming machine suppliers is a plate welding mechanism. Generally, there are two sets of pressing devices to ensure the use of positive and negative coils without loose coils.

The single-head uncoiler is equipped with a feeding trolley, which shortens the docking time of two rolls and improves production efficiency. And the design of narrow rolls should have an anti-dumping device.

2. Leading and Feeding Machine

It is mainly used for the shearing of the sheet material head, the clamping during welding, the adjustment of the material tail during welding, and the uncoiler to pull the steel belt forward in the active discharge mode. It is mainly composed of a guiding device, a pinch roller, a motor reducer and a transmission base.

3. Shearing Butt Welding Device

Shearing butt welding adopts semi-automatic, namely cutting the head (tail), and the positioning of the material is manual. The main function of the device is to import the uncoiled steel strip and cut off the head and tail of the steel strip, align and compress the joint of the head and tail of the sheet metal, and generally use argon gas to protect the welding process.

4. Compressor

Generally, the compressor tonnage is determined according to the blanking force. The compressor is often equipped with servo feeding system to meet the feeding accuracy of unit product length. And the general accuracy is controlled at 0.5 mm per piece.

5. Molding Machine

The main body of the molding unit generally uses a servo motor to provide power to ensure the molding accuracy. The servo motor is connected in series with the worm gear reducer. The speed of the motor and the reduction ratio of the worm gear are determined by the molding speed. The hydraulic pneumatic system can meet the positioning and clamping needs of quick tool change. The emergency stop device can pull the line to stop the equipment when the commissioning personnel make mistakes. The length measuring device is used to measure the feeding length as a rough positioning method for cutting. The cooling system can cool the rollers and steel belts that generate heat during the forming process. The optical fiber detection device is generally used as the basis of fixed size cutting. The forming mold can be rolled.

6. Arc Forming Device (Optional)

For product strips that need to be formed with equal or unequal curvature radian, an arc forming device is required to form. The arcing part includes an arcing roller device and an arcing power device. The arc forming roller device includes three-point bending forming, turning wheel trowel forming, and variable curvature arc forming device. The arcing power device provides power assistance for arcing.

7. Post-Shaping Part

Post-shaping generally includes two sets of punching presses. The feeding power is provided by the forming unit to complete the punching, trimming, and pressing processes after roll forming, which can realize the integration of automation and process.

8. Cutting Mechanism

The cutting mechanism completes the strip cutting of the product. Generally, the cutting accuracy needs to reach ± 0.5 mm, and the burr height should be less than the required value.

9. Coding Device

The coding device generally includes a conveyor belt, a robot arm and a storage bin. After the cutting mechanism is cut off, the product falls on the conveyor belt, and the robot arm places the product in the storage bin.

10. Others

The roll forming continuous production unit generally consists of the aforementioned parts, which can realize a high degree of automation and continuous process production mode. Part of the closed cross-section rolled products need to add a laser welder or a DC roll spot welder to weld the closed area. The non-standard punching device can integrate punching, pressing, trimming and other processes in the roll forming process for some small area structures.

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