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How to Distinguish the Quality of the Roll Forming Machine?

What determines the quality of a roll forming machine? this is very important. When purchasing, the inspection is not good, which will bring a lot of trouble to the future production, or even cannot be used at all. Not only will it cause financial losses, but more seriously, it will lead to abnormal production and the project will be forced to stop work. This kind of loss is the heaviest. Therefore, we must strictly check when purchasing roll forming machine equipment. So, how should we distinguish the quality of the roll forming machine?

1. Product accuracy identification of roll forming machine

Product accuracy is the core of the entire roll forming machine. If the product is unqualified and the accuracy is not enough, then the roll forming machine is useless. Therefore, when purchasing and testing the machine, if the accuracy of the product does not meet the requirements of the drawings, it is necessary to find out whether the roll design is unreasonable or not well debugged. Regardless of the reason, the accuracy cannot meet the requirements and must be debugged by the equipment manufacturer. If the design of the roll forming machine is not good, it will be more troublesome when it is sent to your factory. Which are installed and debugged by technicians. Sometimes it is difficult to design well without modification, or it will be unstable later, easy to run out of materials, deform, etc.

2. Judgment of the quality of the roll forming machine shaft and roller

In addition to the accuracy to be achieved, the quality of the shafts and rollers is also an important part. If the roll forming machine is not qualified, the following consequences will occur: 

(1) The precision of the products produced in the early stage can be achieved, but the long-term use of the roll forming machine will cause serious wear and tear, resulting in substandard precision of the later products. 

(2) It may be directly broken, or the shaft may be broken. 

(3) If the roll is broken, it needs to be re-processed. This process is very troublesome, and it has to go through processes such as initial turning, heat treatment, finishing turning, and electroplating. Of course, these can all be handled by the OEM. However, when the device is used for a long time, it can be difficult to deal with it when there is no manufacturer to help. At that time, before redesigning the rolls, it was necessary to have a designer measure the stand dimensions. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, the volume map must be accurate. Send it to the supplier and keep it. And even if the manufacturer handles it for you, you'll need to reinstall and debug it yourself. This requires a very skilled master to complete, especially for profiles with complex cross-sections.

3. Quality appraisal of transmission mechanism of roll forming machine

Roll formers are the most prone to wear and tear. In addition to the rollers, there is also the wear of the transmission mechanism. Such as gears, chains, bearings, etc. Therefore, the bearings need to be installed with big brand bearings, and the gears need to be specially treated, because if these are damaged, they must be replaced in sets, all of which need to be disassembled and replaced, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. After replacement, the machine needs to be readjusted.

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