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Industry Status of Cold Roll Forming Machine

In recent years, the main technology and equipment level of cold roll forming has entered the advanced ranks of the world, which has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of cold roll forming steel industry. The cold roll forming machine unit generally adopts the row roller type, and the most advanced large-scale air-bending forming unit has been built in China. Newly-built rolling mills generally use solid-state high-frequency welding, and the cutting of large sections has begun to use double-blade milling saw technology. With the deepening of the research on cold roll forming theory, the forming process of cold roll forming steel is also constantly innovated. New cold roll forming processes, such as four rolls forming, flexible cold bending forming, CAT forming and "roll punching" hole processing method, are produced.

The technical equipment level of cold roll forming machine manufacturers continues to improve. Each enterprise, taking its own factory conditions into account, intensifies independent research and development or introduces advanced rollformers for sale to improve the level of their own equipment, refine their production technique and sthengthen their technical capabilities, which has prompted the development of a number of high-speed rolling mills. The scale, efficiency, and intensification are gradually being developed to achieve the goal of high-efficiency production of high-quality products.

With the steady growth of the downstream cold roll forming steel industry, the continuous development of new application fields, and the increasing substitution degree of cold roll forming steel for traditional steel, the demand for cold roll forming steel is growing rapidly, which lays the foundation for the transformation of cold roll forming equipment industry from development to gaining strength. In addition, with the development of modern industrial technology, prefabricated buildings are rapidly being promoted all over the world due to their fast construction speed, less restrictions from climatic conditions, saving labor and improving construction quality. Cold roll forming steel equipment is the core of the prefabricated building system. With the widespread application of prefabricated buildings, the cold roll forming equipment industry will also meet opportunities of vigorous development.

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