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Solar Photovoltaic Support

Solar Photovoltaic Support System is mainly applicable to the ground photovoltaic power station and the concrete flat-roof photovoltaic power station. The system has strong adjustable capacity, high structural strength, beautiful shape, standard bending Angle, accurate hole position, straight Angle, accurate size, complete specifications, and economical price, which can meet most of the needs of customers.

Advantages of double-coil C-section steel photovoltaic support system

a. Strong adjustable ability

b. Convenient installation

c. High structural strength

Technical parameters of double-in-coil C-section steel photovoltaic support system

a. Installation location: ground or concrete flat roof

b. Main material: hot dip galvanized common carbon steel

c. Design wind pressure: 0.55kN/m

d. Design snow pressure: 0.5kN/m

e. Service life: 30 years

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