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Equipment Knowledge of Cold Roll Forming Process

The profile forming process is similar to the cold roll forming process. It is not a pure rolling process, but a special production method. Although the profile manufactured by this method has thin wall and light weight, it has high rigidity, complex shape and long length. 

The rolling components of cold roll forming profiles mainly pass through the roll-shaft components of the cold-formed equipment, and the process design principle of cold roll forming one after another. According to the products produced, the cold roll forming machines can be divided into profile molding machine and roll forming machine; according to the type of frame, it can be divided into cantilever forming machine and gantry forming machine; according to the structure of forming machine, it can be divided into rolling forming machine and crawler forming machine.

The horizontal roller is the transmission mechanism, which is responsible for the main task of tube blank deformation. The vertical roller is passive and is set between two horizontal rollers or in groups. Their main function is to guide and participate in local deformation and prevent the deformed strip from rebounding.

The cold roll forming process has different design principles. When the sheet metal strip passes through the rollers of several pairs of rollers in sequence, the sheet metal strip is fed forward with the rotation of the rollers while continuously bending, thereby obtaining a workpiece with a desired cross-sectional shape. It can be seen that roll forming is a continuous bending forming method. With the molding of the different cross-section belts of the second pair of rollers, the belt starts to bend and deform at the roller set while moving forward. When it reaches the center part of the roll, the forming in the second pair of rollers is finished and it comes out of the rollers, and then enters the third pair of rollers.

Cold roll forming is a molding processing method. From the roll to the plate and the forming process, the shape of the finished product section is gradually formed through the entire section shape, and finally, a product with a uniform section is obtained. The channel is surrounded by the contours of two or more forming rollers with a specific shape, which can be horizontal or vertical rollers. The accuracy of the plate is one of the factors that affect the quality and application of the plate. The cold-formed steel machine is assembled on the frame of the cold roll forming equipment, and the roller assembly is driven by the motor to bring the material roll into the cold roll forming process. Generally, only the horizontal roll is the driving roll, and the vertical roll is usually the driven roll. Each frame is called a molding machine. Each molding machine is equipped with more than two forming rollers, and each row of forming unit is composed of more than two molding machines.

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