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The Development of Cold Forming Techniques

The cold roll forming equipment is a mould processing machine that continuously conducts horizontal bending of metal plates and strips such as rolling materials and striping materials, in order to produce specific cross-section profiles . At present, the demand of construction material is increasingly large, and the market demand for cold roll forming machines is gradually increasing. Here comes the introduction of cold roll forming equipmen's development history.

Cold roll forming is a new processing technique and technology of metal plate forming that is material-saving, energy-saving and efficient. Using this technique can not only produce high-quality structural steel products, but also shorten the cycle of product development, improve production efficiency, thereby improving the market competitiveness of enterprises. In the past half century, the cold roll forming has developed into the most effective metal plate forming technique. 35% to 45% of the strip steel rolled in North America is processed by cold roll forming, which is more than the steel used in the automotive industry.

Techniques of cold roll forming:

  • The rough forming section uses a combination of shared rollers and replacement rollers. When changing product specifications, the rolling mill of some racks do not need to be replaced, which can save part of the mill reserve.

  • The flat rolls use a combined roll sheet. The rough forming section uses six racks. The upright roll forming machine and group rolling mill are arranged obliquely. The volume of the car roll is small, and the roll weight is lessened by more than 1/3, compared with that of the traditional roll forming machine. The quipment structure is more compact.

  • The roll profile is simple, which is easy to manufacture and repair. And the rolling mill repetition rate is high.

  • The forming is stable, and the cold-formed steel machine normally has strong applicability for forming thin-walled tubes and rear-walled tubes. The product specification range is wide.

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