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The Development of Cold Roll Forming Machine

The application fields of cold roll forming steel are more and more extensive. Construction structures, textile machinery, hoisting machinery, fitness equipment, steel formwork and scaffolding towers, railway vehicles, ships, bridges, bookstores, etc., have great application and demand for cold roll steel. It is growing almost every year.

The application fields of cold roll forming steel are becoming much wide, and the demand is growing constantly. As cold roll forming steel is an economic section steel as well as a high-efficiency and energy-saving material, it is a new type of steel with strong vitality and a wide range of applications. In foreign countries, there are 67 kinds of cold roll formed steels used in railway vehicles, and the consumption of each truck is 4.7 tons, which accounts for 5.2% of the weight of the carriage. Nowadays, vehicle manufacturers are recommended to maximize the use of cold roll forming steel in their design, and give full play to cold roll formed steel's characteristics of the light weight, thin wall, and high efficiency. As a result, the consumption will continue to increase.

Before using the cold roll forming machine, check whether the connections are secure, whether the installation bolts and nuts are tightened, and add enough lubricating oil in the left and right chassis to start the machine for test run. First, run it empty and carefully observe whether there is vibration or noise, whether oil is coming from the oil window and whether the movement of each part is coordinated, after everything works normally, the mold can be installed. When installing the mold, the power must be cut off, the motor belt or gear must be manually moved to rotate the worktable and the to rise slide seat to the highest position point. It is best to use an object to support between the worktable and the bottom surface of the sliding seat, in case that the natural falling of slide seat causes an accident.

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