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Knowledge about Roll Forming Process

The roll forming process mainly relies on the plastic movement of the material to roll into various products such as shafts, valve cores and special fasteners with complex shapes. Rolling deformation is line contact, which is carried out continuously and gradually, and the required deformation force is small. One stroke can produce one or several workpieces.

Roll forming began approximately in Europe in the 1960s. Because roll forming has the advantages of high production efficiency, saving materials, and increasing product strength, industrial sectors such as automobiles and bicycles also use roll forming processes to process parts with complex shapes. With the advancement of technology and the development of production, roll forming machines have attracted more and more attention.

1. Features of roll forming

Compared with the cutting and grinding processes, the roll forming process not only has high production efficiency, saves materials, but also has high product strength and stable quality. This process is especially suitable for processing special long and short workpieces that are difficult to cut, especially for annual production. For millions of high-volume products, the use of the rollformers for sale is the most advantageous, and the economic benefits are also the most considerable.

2. Roll forming materials and equipment

Rolling process is a kind of cold forging process. There are many materials that can be rolled. Among them, low-carbon steel is a commonly used material for roll forming, and non-ferrous metals are more suitable for roll forming.

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