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Eight Essential Notes of Maintenance of Roll Forming Machine

Ⅰ. Introduction to roll forming machine

Daily roll forming machine, with high automation and complete function, is capable of improving product quality, enhancing power efficiency and lowering labor intensity, which results in the further progress of technology in this field.

Ⅱ. Maintenance of roll forming machine

Machinery maintenance after using should be taken seriously owing to its multiple functions. Here are eight important notes of maintenance of roll forming mill:

1. Check the integrity of the main engine, like whether the electricity is loose or not and whether the cable gets connected well.

2. Check the looseness of the bolts used for connection of respective parts, including vibration bench, mold box and slipper block, vibrator and pressure beam, feeding set, and mainframe.

3. Check respective moving components, which should be lubricated according to lubrication instructions.

4. No no-load operation of a vibrator.

5. After using the machine, remember that every component should be cleaned while the water is excluded and every parts should be kept on initial condition in case of condensation of concrete on the machine.

6. Vibration and reducer should be provided with regular oil change and periodic maintenance, besides, the vibration should receive disassembled inspection, cleanness, and oil change at least once within half a year.

7. Prevent electrical control cabinets and electrical control parts from moisture, sunshine, and dust.

8. Check the size of the bottom plate, and the substandard one is incapable of using it in case it blocks to damage the machine.

Above eight points are the basic knowledge about the maintenance of a roll-forming machine. Developing a good habit of regular maintenance and cleanness can make the machine function fully and lessen the labor intensity of workers.

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