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Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

As its name suggests, corrugated roll former is mainly used to make corrugated profile panels. As one of the mature corrugated roof sheet-making machine manufacturers in China, Hangzhou Rollforming offers high-end corrugated sheet bending machines with consistently high quality and different specification choices are also available. Feel free to contact HZ Rollforming for more information. 

Working Process

Features and Advantages of Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

  • Corrugated sheet roll forming machine is specially designed for forming roofing corrugated sheets and siding corrugated panels with various sizes and specifications under mass-production.

  • The production speed of our corrugated sheet machine ranges from 20 to 60m/min.

  • Similar to other roll forming machine produced by Hangzhou Rollforming, this corrugated sheet machine series also have a cassette-type platform and quick-change machine base for selection.

  • Certifications with multi-patents include CE Certified and EUROPEAN quality standards.

  • Most corrugated sheet machine models have ready machines in stock for prompt delivery.

Working Flow of Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Normally, the working flow of our corrugated sheet bending machine is as follows:  Coil Charging Car (optional) - Decoiler (passive/auto) - Front Shear(optional) - Feeding and Guiding Table - Filming Covering (optional)  - Roll Forming System - Post-Cutting to length (Hydraulic/Motor) - Output Manual Supporter/Stackmaster(optional)

What is a Corrugated Sheet?

A corrugated panel has a repeating wavy or rippled pattern across its design. The corrugated sheet was the first mass-produced metal panel design in the United States. These panels can be used for roofing, siding, decking, and flooring. Corrugated panels are connected by overlapping the sheets, and then securing them in place with exposed fasteners.

Popular Corrugated Sheet Profile


Finished Corrugated Sheets by Corrugated Sheet Making Machine

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