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What is Roof Seamer Machine?

1. What is a roof seamer machine?

Simply put, a roof seamer machine is a portable rolling machine used to install standing seam metal roof shingles. They bend the seams of the roof to varying degrees to lock the metal roof panels in place. The roof seamer machine is powered by an electric motor, which can be powered from a temporary power source or a generator. This gives you the flexibility to operate the roof seamer machine instead of using cords that could cause accidental slips or reduce power. However, the biggest benefit of using a roof seamer machine is to provide your roof with superior waterproof protection that is more effective than various roof systems and cladding.

The bending action or force is primarily due to the chassis design of the roof seamer machine. The chassis of the roof seamer machine will house 4 or 5 stations that will perform the bending action as you move the sealer along the seam. The motor and gear system of the roof seamer machine is specially designed to provide the required speed and torque to produce an efficient sealing process. The additional design of the roof seamer machine enables the profile and position of the forming rolls to be changed. In effect, this will allow you to generate hundreds of finished seam results.

2. Application of roof seaming machine

First, applying the roof seamer machine should be in the overlapping area where the two roof shingles meet. Second, operating a roof seamer machine yourself can be risky. Although the concept of operation one may seem simple, trained personnel are required to perform accurate on-site troubleshooting, maintenance and on-site adjustments. Without any of this knowledge, this could cause your sealer to break down in the process and damage your shingles. Moree worse, shingles without a watertight seal will only add more cost and labor to the seaming process.

3. Manual crimping of roof seaming machine

To fully understand how a roof seamer machine works, you must learn more about manual crimping. Manual crimping involves using a hand crimper and helps ensure your sealer does what it should. Without it, a bad installation may result. Typically, hand crimpers should be about 16 inches. A 90-degree hand curl is also the best place to start. Although in some cases where a 180 degree seam is required, a 4" 180 degree hand crimp should be used before the seamer is locked to the shingle and the seaming operation begins. Proper manual crimping procedures are critical to the condition and operation of your sealer. That said, finding a trained contractor or person to handle installations that require a sealer is encouraged. Overall, using a roof seamer machine requires technical knowledge and training to ensure safe and accurate installation on a variety of roof systems.

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