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Composition Structure and Working Principle of the Cold Roll Forming Machine

The cold roll forming machine is not an ordinary machine; it is a cold roll equipment system. Now roll former manufacturer HZ Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd will introduce the components of the system to you.

The component structure of the cold roll forming machine:

1) Composition of electrical control system: the waste-side winding is controlled by frequency conversion, so that the line speed of the waste-side winding follows the change of the unit speed, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

2. Components of control system: the core of the control system is Siemens S7 series PLC, the main module uses S7-315-2DP, which is connected by PROFIBUS to two ET 200M remote stations and two S7-200 series PLC systems and OP27, DP network, operation screen, and others to form an organic whole. As the master station of the PROFIBUS DP network, the S7-315-2DP performs most of the control tasks in the control system, including all logic calculations as well as analog inputs, calculations and outputs, coil diameter calculations, and speed distribution, etc.

3. The cold roll forming equipment consists of the main motor, reducer, rollers, oil pump motor, gear oil pump, safety valve, electromagnetic reversing valve, working cylinder, top wheel, and oil tank.

Working principle of cold roll forming machine:

After the I-beam is placed on the cold-formed steel machine to be in contact with the reducer-driven rollers, the compression handle is tightly fed to start the oil pumping unit. The high-pressure oil output from the electric oil pump passes through the overflow valve (which can be adjusted to the required pressure) and enters the electro-hydraulic valve block. There are electro-hydraulic valves and jog switches (point to and point out) controlling the cylinder work. When the working cylinder advances and the I-beam and three support rollers bend and deform, the cylinder advances again in the length of 10mm-15mm; the main motor rotates forward or backward; the motor drives the steel work and the work is repeated until it is completed.

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