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This sheet metal decoiler for sale is the special equipment for leveling metal plates. Decoiler uncoiler machines 3 is used for leveling steel steel plates and uneven plates. According to the relevant configuration, the steel decoiler can be composed of uncoiling, leveling, shearing production line, and other plate product production line. Applicable to machinery, vehicles, metal products household appliances, steel structure, decoration, and other industries. Welcome to contact the decoilers manufacturer - Hangzhou Roll Former Technology Co., Ltd. We has already horizontal decoiler,steel decoiler and manual decoiler machine for sale! 

The decoiling machine is one of the essential equipment in the welded pipe production line and cold roll forming line. The other is to feed the steelhead into the flattener by rotating it with the aid of the straightening machine. Therefore, the performance of the uncoiler machine is very important to the whole production line. In many years of decoiler machine design practice, the structure of the decoiling machine has been continuously optimized and improved, so that the performance of the decoiler has been improved.


Our company is a leading decoiler machine manufacturer, providing the highest quality uncoiler for sale. Our machines with excellent uncoiler design are designed to provide the highest level of performance, efficiency and reliability. Our horizontal decoiler,steel decoiler and manual decoiler are built to last, with robust construction and the latest in technological advancements to ensure the best possible results.


How Decoilers Work

The Function of Sheet Metal Decoiler

The main shaft of this decoiler machine for sale has two functions, one is to drive the steel coil to rotate; The other is the tensioning support of the steel coil. The realization of tensioning is usually completed by the oil cylinder or cylinder mounted together with the spindle to push the inclined slide. The realization of rotation, usually the motor through the reducer drive spindle rotation to complete. The oil cylinder or cylinder installed on the spindle shall rotate together with the spindle, and the oil cylinder or cylinder shall be connected to one end of the working medium pipeline, and the other end of the pipeline shall be connected to the hydraulic station or solenoid valve.

Functional Features of Sheet Metal Decoiler for Sale

One of the functions of the decoiler machine arranged at the front end of the inlet part of the unit is to conduct the upper decoiler while maintaining the post-tension of the strip. Another significant function is to realize the automatic alignment of the strip under the central control. The conventional continuous return and color coating unit is equipped with 2 uncoiling machines. As the two uncoiling machines open the coiling alternately, the prerequisite for the continuous production of the following equipment of the unit is created. The cutting line/roll forming line is equipped with a decoiler. The strip tension of the inlet section is jointly established by the decoiling machine and the numbered 1 tension roller set of the unit.

The body of the uncoiler machine is a welded box structure, and the frequency conversion speed regulating motor drives the reel shaft to provide the main power for the decoiler after decelerating through the gear box. The reel of the uncoiling machine is a hollow shaft, supported on the gearbox body by two bearings, and a transmission spur gear is installed between the bearings. The gear box is lubricated by forced lubrication and the closed loop oil lubrication system is equipped with two constant speed motors. The core shaft is a cantilever structure, and heavy-duty decoiler is equipped with support arm, whose front end is supported by the outer support bearing when uncoiling, to maintain the rigidity and stability of the decoiler. The uncoiling movement axis is connected with four fan-shaped plates through four bevel tail grooves on four end faces. Each fan-shaped plate is protected from axial movement by a radial slide at the end, but it can expand and shrink along the radial direction. The end of the drum shaft is connected with a rotating oil cylinder. The piston rod of the cylinder drives the front four-edge axis to slide axially through the pull rod in the center of the drum shaft, thus driving the radial expansion and contraction of the fan plate. The reel may be increased in nominal diameter by the addition of four fan-shaped plates. The frame of the decoiler can be moved on the guide rail of the frame, driven by the hydraulic cylinder, and the central position can be controlled. In order to enhance the stability of the drum, a support arm device is designed on the head of the drum. When there is a steel coil on the drum, the support arm drives through the oil cylinder and supports the head of the drum. At ordinary times, the support arm retracts without affecting the winding of the steel coil. Some sheet metal decoilers are equipped with coil cart. The coil cart allows for quick coil change, but the most important feature is eliminating coil damage due to the “coning” of the coil during forklift loading and unloading. No need to block up the cart with wood, like other decoilers. This also allows easy loading and unloading of coils with only a few 100 feet. The coil cart extends out from the mandrel, so there is no worry of hitting the mandrel while loading a coil. The 1/2HP motor with a scissor action lift will extend a full coil to the mandrel. 

Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of standard and non-standard cold roll forming equipment and tube mill equipment. As one of the professional decoiler machine manufacturers in China, we can also provide auxiliary equipment of cold roll forming line and tube mill/pipe mill line: Decoilers, Recoilers, Coil Upender, Slitting Line, Cut To Length Line, Stackmaster, Sheet Metal Shear & Metal Cutting Machine, Coil Embossing Machine, Crimping Machine & Curving Machine, Automatic Roof Seaming Machine, Logo Printing Machine, Accumulator, Flying Saw, Output stacking system, Automatic Packing Machine, etc. Welcome both national and international customers to contact us for more information.

Decoilers FAQs

  • Q
    What is your decoiling machines' capacity?

    2.5 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons are optional.

  • Q
    Can your coil decoiler be customized?

    We provide customized decoilers. Capacity of decoilers, coil cart, pressing arm, supporting arm are optional.

  • Q
    What are the characteristics of your uncoiler machine?

    Our uncoiler machine are CE certified. All electronic components are also CE certified.And the parameters can be customized.

  • Q
    Can I only purchase the uncoiler machine?

    Yes, we can provide uncoiler machine only. And the parameters can be customized.