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BM Guide for Common Failure of Cold Roll Forming Equipment (2)

Ⅲ.Cautions about the use of cold roll forming machine

To ensure smooth work, you must commission the machine before starting work.

1. Check whether the power supply is working properly.

2. Check whether the oil pump unit is rotating forward.

3. Open the pressure gauge switch and loosen the pressure release handwheel.

4. Jog the motor and check if the direction of rotation is correct.

5. Check whether the electric hydraulic valve and toggle switch are functioning properly.

6. After completing all preparations, start the motor, adjust the oil pressure to 10Mpa and test it for about 3 minutes. If it runs properly, please prepare for official work.

Ⅳ. Preventive measures of cold roll forming machine

Correct use of cold roll forming equipment, careful implementation of equipment maintenance and compliance with safe operating procedures are necessary to reduce equipment malfunction, prolong durability of machines and ensure safety in production. Therefore, equipment operators and maintenance personnel must understand the construction and performance of the equipment, maintenance methods and operating procedures.

1. Never start the motor until the oil tank is full of oil.

Before the use, first check if the oil in the tank is full. If it is insufficient, fill it to prevent the pump emptying. The hydraulic oil used in the equipment must be carefully filtered before filling the oil tank. It is usually recommended to use No. 46 or No. 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

2. This equipment uses oil as the medium.

The oil and equipment must be cleaned and maintained to avoid the effects of fouling or oil leaks. The oil must be kept clean. The first time of use should not last more than two months. The filter and tank should be cleaned at the time of replacement. Please note that the filter can be cleaned with kerosene and not with a stiff brush.

3. Be sure to check the equipment for lubrication.

4. Use the slow process to retract the cylinder after each shift change.

5. If the equipment will not be used for a long time, apply anti-rust oil on the sliding surface.

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