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The Main Points of Processing Cold-formed Steel by Cold Roll Forming Equipment

Cold roll forming equipment is one of the main equipment for producing cold-formed steel. Although it has wide range of application, the purpose of cold roll forming equipment should be the same. For the cold roll forming equipment, it is to make the material bend in a straight line along the longitudinal direction in order to achieve the purpose of straightening, thereby producing high-quality cold-formed steel.

In order to ensure the quality, the pressure generated during the manufacturing process of the cold-formed steel machine and the stress existing in the material should be kept in a combined state to prevent the occurrence of undesirable phenomena. And the undesirable phenomena we mentioned are actually side bending and warpage, which will affect the forming quality and accuracy of cold-formed steel.

However, some products can be processed in a certain way after appearance of the above-mentioned unfavorable phenomena. Therefore, the deformation must be maintained in the direction opposite to the shape during production, and the rebound situation can be reduced at the same time. In the actual operation process, it is necessary to support the cold roll forming equipment so that the cold-formed steel can be processed better.

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