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Instructions for the Use and Precautions of Cold Roll Forming Machine

Some people have a simple understanding of cold roll-forming machines, but it is not enough to know them only. It is also necessary to know more about cold roll forming machines so that we can fully understand this field as soon as possible and increase our knowledge at the same time. 

Ⅰ. The use of a cold roll forming machine

1. Before starting work, check the power supply, motor oil pump, pressure gauge, relief valve, electro-hydraulic valve, and jog switch of the cold roll forming machine to see if it is normal and whether there is any problem. If there is, it should be solved so that the machine can work smoothly. 

2. Jog the motor, mainly to check whether its rotation direction is correct. 

3. After the above inspections are all correct, the motor can be started, and then the oil pressure is adjusted to 10MPa, and then the test run is about three minutes. If there are no problems, then you can officially start working. 

4. The cold roll forming machine equipment should be installed on a solid and firm foundation, and it should be flat. 

5. Before use, add oil and hydraulic oil, and then replace it regularly.

Ⅱ. Precautions for cold roll forming machine

1. To use the cold roll forming machine correctly, operate it according to the specified requirements, and abide by the operating rules and safe operating rules. 

2. If there is no oil in the fuel tank, it is strictly forbidden to start the motor to avoid damage. The amount of oil in the fuel tank should be sufficient. If the amount of oil is insufficient, it should be added in time. 

3. The lubrication of the equipment should be kept in good condition, so it should be checked frequently.

4. If the cold roll forming machine is not used for a long time, rust prevention should be done in advance to prevent the machine from rusting.

Ⅲ. Cold bending forming process of cold roll forming machine

Cold roll forming machine is one of the products of the company. Its products include cold-formed steel, etc., and its process is manufactured by using the cold-bending forming process. The main advantage of cold-formed steel is energy-saving and environmental protection. It improves the mechanical properties of the steel by changing the cross-sectional shape of the steel product. Generally speaking, the cold bending forming process mainly includes four types: sheet forming, roll forming, continuous forming, and joint forming.

Single-sheet forming: first cut the sheet into a specified length, and then send it into the machine. The equipment is relatively simple and suitable for small batch production. Roll forming and continuous forming: the process is the same, except that the former is supplied in a single roll, while the latter is continuous. Combined molding: Its equipment is relatively complex, so it is suitable for high-strength and high-demand processing.

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