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Things to Consider During the Inspection of a Roll Forming Machine

During the process of the sale, after receiving previously booked devices, often customers complain about the ineffectiveness of the repairing system and the after-sale service quality. Delayed after-sale services severely affect production or even the device is directly scrapped due to the inability to use. So what should we do to avoid those problematic situations?

1. Measure the precision of molded products

Product precision is the core standard of identifying whether the device is qualified. Product precision indicates the qualification of the design of the roll of a roll forming machine and the result of examination, and manufacturer ought to handle it if either fails to meet the standard.

2. Check the material of the device and the brand of the appliance as contract required

The mentioned material mainly refers to the roll, if with excellent quality under the standard process of production, which can prolong the working life of the whole device. The brand of the appliance determines the stability of the electrical control system and should be produced in a strict way as contract required.

3. Check automated production

Bring enough steel to manufacturer for examination in case of an inconsistently automated production system that might influence production rate or could even be unable to use.

4. Check punching molds and cutting molds

Identify whether punching and cutting meet the standard and whether raw edges are too expansive. Check whether the material of molds meets the standard.

5. Check surface smoothness and straightness

Manufacturer ought to deal with it in case its products that fail to meet the standard result in difficulty in the sale.

Above mentioned problems are easy to confront in the industry of roll forming machine. Deal with the problems and check them thoroughly before purchase, or the problems can be hard to handle when the booked machine arrives otherwise.

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