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Layout and Characteristics of Cold Roll Forming Machine

In order to meet the production requirements of different products, the cold roll forming machine is equipped with different combinations of cold-formed steel units, and each type of unit has its applicable processing range. While mastering the knowledge, we also need to involve this point, so the layout and characteristics of the cold roll forming machine need to be understood, so that it is convenient for everyone to use in the future.

1. The layout of the cold roll forming machine

The cold-formed steel unit and the other two types of units constitute the main production equipment for cold-formed steel, while the open-type cold-formed steel unit is mainly designed for non-welded cold-formed steel products, so there is no welding equipment in the vertical unit. In addition, processes such as uncoiling, strip butt welding, forming, on-line spot welding, straightening, sizing, and receiving can all be completed on this unit. At present, this unit is widely used in industry. With the ability to develop new products, it is beneficial to the forming of products on cold roll forming machines. In addition, the drive mode of the open-type cold-formed steel unit can reduce power consumption and improve the surface quality of steel, which is a suitable forming unit for products.

2. Features of cold roll forming machine

The characteristic of the cold roll forming machine is that the two cantilever rolling mills are installed opposite, but they have a common foundation and drive. The equipment can be used for narrow sided products or wide sided products away from the middle surface, we also found that the width of the material is determined by the distance relative to the rollers.

3. The significance of cold roll forming machine

The cold roll forming machine is a material-saving, energy-saving and efficient sheet metal forming machine that adopts new technology. Using this technology, not only can produce high-quality steel, but also can shorten the product development cycle, improve production efficiency, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Over the past half century, cold roll forming has developed into the most efficient sheet metal forming technique. Between 35% and 45% of all strip rolling in North America is cold forming, more than the steel used in the automotive industry. The cold roll forming machine is a machine that continuously and horizontally bends sheet metal, coils, strips and other metal plates and strips through sequentially arranged multi-pass forming rollers to form a plastic processing process for specific cross-section profiles. The problem of bending and twisting in production is mainly due to the unbalanced force, the unbalanced left and right force, the left and right bending, and the unbalanced up and down force, resulting in deformation. The solution is to strive for balance in design, accurate processing, and convenient installation and adjustment.

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