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Advantages of Uncoiler Machine and Precautions for Installation

Ⅰ. Introduction of uncoiler machine

The uncoiler is an indispensable unwinding equipment for metal coil stamping. Like the feeder, it is also a product that must be used in the factory workshop. It is suitable for the continuous stamping processing industry of various auto parts, hardware and electronic parts. We have a better understanding of several uncoiler machines, and different uncoiler machines have different characteristics. The heavy material can be put into the uncoiler in the front to cooperate with the punching machine to improve production efficiency; according to the inner diameter of the material, the outer diameter of the rack tile can be adjusted arbitrarily to facilitate putting the material into the rack; the uncoiler adopts a reducer. Ordinary motors run together, and the mode of operation is belt operation. The machine is divided into metal rods for conductive induction. Metal rod conductive induction: suitable for continuous stamping of various hardware and electronic parts.

Ⅱ. The advantages of the uncoiler machine

The uncoiler machine is suitable for conveying various coils. Thin metal and non-metal materials can be equipped with motor power to match the feeding device. The brake device can be adjusted and tightened, and the main shaft is strengthened to make the material roll roll more smoothly and increase the carrying capacity. It is an indispensable part in conjunction with the automatic production of the punching machine, which saves manpower and material resources and reduces costs. The effect is very good. The Japanese electromagnetic contact system and electronic parts, less failure, long life.

The decoilers can save refueling time and improve production efficiency. It can be used together with the correction machine. It can be equipped with motors and electronic controls instead of power racks. There are two ways of expansion: manual expansion and hydraulic expansion. The left and right shifting light material rack has a simple structure and low failure rate, and the discharge speed can be controlled by a special stepless transmission device. Metal rod conductive induction: suitable for continuous stamping of various metals and non-metals.

Ⅲ. Precautions for installation of uncoiler machine

1. The center line of the uncoiler (that is, the center of the blade length) must be on the same center line as the die or punch or shearing machine. 

2. The input current of the uncoiler is three-phase 380V (420v/220v) alternating current. 

3. The control voltage in the electric box is single-phase 220V AC (provided by the transformer inside the machine). 

4. The induction voltage is 12V DC (provided by the transformer inside the machine).

5. The length of induction time directly affects the operation and service life of the material rack. The length of the induction time is based on the principle that the average speed of the rack can keep up with the punch and the motor does not start too frequently. The factory setting is generally 3 seconds.

6. The distance between the uncoiler and the straightening machine is generally about 3000mm, depending on the characteristics of the material. 

7. Be sure to understand the specifications of the uncoiler before using the material rack, and the uncoiler should not be overloaded. 

8. Be sure to add butter where there is a grease nipple. 

9. Always check whether a fastener on the uncoiler is loose.

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