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Quality Control

In order to better control product quality and production cycle, all mechanical parts of the entire set of equipment are produced, processed and assembled in our own workshop. At present, it has been equipped with all processing equipment from material cutting, grinding machine, milling machine, to finishing, etc., which fully meet the production needs. At present, the production capacity of the workshop can reach 20 sets of cold rolling forming machines, 5-8 sets of high-frequency welded pipe equipment, 8-10 sets of steel coil longitudinal / transverse cutting processing equipment, and other auxiliary equipment as required.

Since the launch of international trade in 2007, in order to meet the needs of high-end customers in Europe, North America and the Middle East, the company has made great improvements in product quality control, from sampling to full inspection. Before assembly, each component must be strictly inspected and up to standard.

  • 1
    Raw Material
    Raw Material Raw Materials
  • 2
    Finished Roller Tooling
    finished roller tooling
  • 3
    Parts Zone
    parts zone parts zone-1 parts zone-2 parts zone-3
  • 4
    Assembly & Debugging Section
    Assembly & Debugging Section Assembly & Debugging Section Assembly & Debugging Section
  • 5
    Initial Material
     initial material
  • 6
    Cutting Raw Material
    Cutting Raw Material
  • 7
    Milling And Machining
    milling and machining
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    Machining Center
    machining enter
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