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MB Guide for Common Faults of Cold Roll Forming Equipment (1)

Ⅰ. When the slider of the cold roll forming equipment can only come down yet cannot go up when it returns, it might have the following reasons:

1. The return stroke has no pressure, so the slider of the cold roll forming equipment will not rise.

1) Electrical fault.

2) The back-pressure regulator is stuck.

2. There is pressure on the return stroke, but the cold roll slider will not rise.

1) The main pressure is too small to increase the pressure.

2) The directional valve is not in place.

3. The return pressure is very high, and the slider of the cold roll forming equipment rises slowly. 

1) The large hydraulic control valve is stuck.

2) The oil pressure of large hydraulic control valve is too low.

3) The oil change controlling valve is stuck and is unable to change direction.

Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology, a professional manufacturer of cold-formed steel machine, suggests you not to start the motor before the tank is full of oil.

Before using it, check whether the tank is full. If not, it should be filled to prevent the pump from emptying. The hydraulic oil used in the equipment must be strictly filtered before being injected into the fuel tank. The tank must be cleaned before loading. In general, 46 or 68 antiwear hydraulic oil is recommended. Oil must be added before use (add 30 oil to reducer and 46 hydraulic oil to oil tank) and replace new oil regularly.

Ⅱ.Introductions to the cold roll forming equipment

1. The equipment should be installed on a hard surface and the calibration should be corrected, so that the surface is in a horizontal position.

2. The cold roll forming machine must work on a horizontal table (with a rolling table).

3. Before use, the gear reducer and 30 oil must be added, 46 hydraulic oil should be added into the oil tank, and the oil should be replaced by new ones regularly. Large arcs like I-beam, channel steel, H-shaped steel, U-shaped steel can be produced by this equipment, and steel processing with special data is supported as well.

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