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The Auxiliary equipment refers to machines for metal sheets before being formed and profiles after formed. 

The equipment for metal sheets including Decoilers, Steel coil slitting equipment, Cutting to length equipment, embossing line, and so on.

According to roll forming equipment requirements, these auxiliary equipment process origin coils into specific dimensions into width, length or pattern.

The equipment for profiles after formed includes a curving machine, bending machine, logo printer, taskmaster, seaming machine, and so on. 

To meet installation requirements, the finished formed profiles should be bent to special shapes by bending or curving machines. The seaming machine is used especially for locking large span roofing sheets together.

Auxiliary Equipment Display

Auxiliary Equipments for Tube/Pipe Mill Line

Tube/Pipe Mill Line is used for producing tubes of various sizes and profiles. The composition of equipment is from decoiler to run-out table. The main machine includes forming, welding, sizing and straightening device. Auxiliary Equipments includes decoilers, shearing and butt-welding machines, accumulator, guiding device, straightening machine, cold cutting saw(flying saw), run-out table and packing machine.

Double-side 360º rotary decoiler insures steel coil feeding alternatively and make steel strip going into accumulator freely

Shearing and butt-welding machine is used to parallelly cut the tail of the strip which has just gone into the accumulator, and the head of the strip coming out from decoiler, and then weld them together.

  • Accumulator

There are two types of accumulator: horizontal accumulator and cage accumulator. Accumulator can receive strip steel discontinuously from decoiler and provide the steel strip to forming device at the same time. Accumulator stores large amount of strip and leaves enough time for the shear and butt-welding machines to shear and weld the ends of strips.

  • Straightening Machine

Straightening machine is a finishing equipment for the tube/pipe mill line, which straighten the steel pipe/tube to eliminate the bending and stress after the steel pipe/tube forming and welding.

Cold cutting saw is the mechanical equipment specially for continuously production, auto fixed ruler cutting steel pipes, which is one of the auxiliary equipment for continuously weld pipe production line.

  • Run-out table and packing machine

Run-out table and packing machine is a packaging equipment designed especially for continuously weld pipe production line, which can automatic pack the tubes or pipes into hexagonal or square shapes, and then automatic bundling, sloping and weighting.

Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of standard and non-standard cold roll forming line and tube mill/pipe mill line. We can also provide auxiliary equipments of cold roll forming line and tube mill/pipe mill line: Decoilers, Recoilers, Coil Upender, Slitting Line, Cut To Length Line, Stackmaster, Sheet Metal Shear & Metal Cutting Machine, Coil Embossing Machine, Crimping Machine & Curving Machine, Automatic Roof Seaming Machine, Logo Printing Machine, Accumulator, Flying Saw, Output stacking system, Automatic Packing Machine etc. Welcome both national and international customers to contact us for more information.

Auxiliary Equipment FAQs

  • Q How to ensure that your auxiliary equipment matches my production line?


    After receive customers' requirements, we will customize mechanical devices and electrical devices for customers. After the equipment is manufactured, we will conduct tests to ensure that we meet customer requirements.

  • Q What kinds of auxiliary machinery do you make?


    We provide auxiliary equipment for roll forming line and tube/pipe mill line. For example decoilers, recoilers, coil upender, siltting line, cut to length line, automatic stack master, coil embossing machine, crimping machine, flying saw, accumulator,out putting system and so on.

  • Q Do you accept customized auxiliary equipment examples?


    We manufacture auxiliary equipment not only for our roll forming line and tube/pipe mill line, but also customized auxiliary equipment for our customers.

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