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The Origin and Development of the Cold Roll Forming Machine

Origin of the cold roll forming machine

The cold roll forming machine was first developed in 1838. Then Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom used presses or cold-drawn machines to produce single steel products. This is the embryonic form of cold roll-forming steel units. In 1910, the United States took the lead in developing a cold roll forming steel unit, which produced a cold roll forming process. The industrial production of cold roll forming steel began to take shape and thus came into the world stage.

Development of the cold roll forming machine

In recent years, we have been focusing on the development of environmentally friendly equipment. The awareness of environmental protection will also become an important mainstream in the next few years. In the trend of the development on environmental protection equipment, cold forming equipment has undoubtedly become the mainstream of the entire market, and at the same time, it has driven the development of cold roll forming machine. Of course, the focus of the development is still on application requirements. And there is no doubt that one product must have various functions.

The rapid development of cold roll forming machines in the past few years can be described as a great forward. Because when cold roll forming equipment first came out, it has actually occupied all major areas of the entire forming equipment. And the cold roll forming equipment is one of the most important parts of the entire equipment industry. It is also an industry that strategically or fundamentally plays a very important role. The most key point is the cold roll forming machine can directly affect the level of manufacturing industry development.

Therefore, with the vigorous development of the entire environmental protection market, the cold roll forming machine will become more and more important. For cold roll forming machines, common forming methods mainly include pressing, forging, extrusion, and welding to enable the equipment to be formed. According to these molding methods, we can easily know that if we want to make the equipment easily shaped, we need to use molding equipment. However, we can't process and manufacture this equipment ourselves, so we need to buy manufactured molding equipment. Many forming machine suppliers are constantly developing new products and materials that the previously popular hot-rolled section steel is gradually adopted by cold-formed section steel, which is obvious.

It can be said that the development of the cold roll forming machinery industry is changing every day, especially in recent years. The development reflects not only in the continuous expansion of production scale but also in the continuous increase in production quantity and in-depth expansion of application fields. Recently, the level of technical equipment in the cold-formed industry has continued to be improved. According to their own factory conditions, many enterprises continuously improve their equipment level, production technology, and technical capabilities through making independent research and development, and introducing foreign advanced equipment. These measures promote the development of a number of high-speed rolling mills, forming a large-scale, efficient and intensive development, so as to achieve the goal of producing high-quality products with high efficiency.

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