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Things Employees Need to Learn When Using a Roll Forming Machine

In the process of using machinery and equipment, employees, whether operating a roll forming machine or operating other types of machinery and equipment, need to learn a number of things, so as to better ensure the use of the equipment effect. Then, what are the things that employees need to learn in the process of using a roll forming machine?

First of all, the employees in the process of operating the cold roll forming machines should be familiar with the safe operating procedures, the structure of the molding machine, the performance and the method of operation. And in the process of operation, they should also know how to correctly use some auxiliary parts.

Secondly, during the operation of the roll forming machine, the employees should be able to correctly carry out the maintenance and lubrication of the equipment, clean the equipment regularly, and always keep the inside and outside of the equipment clean and the completeness of the parts and accessories.

Then, when using the cold-formed steel machine, such as the drip edge machine, employees should also know some parts of the machine that are easy to wear and tear, know the items, standards and methods of inspection, and carry out daily inspection of the machine in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Finally, in addition to the above-mentioned aspects, employees should also be familiar with the characteristics of the operation of the molding machine, be able to identify abnormalities in the equipment, and be able to make general adjustments and troubleshoot simple breakdown.

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